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Steve and his wife, Francie, brought their family to Kansas twice. First, when Steve was a student at the Command and General Staff College, and later when he was getting ready to retire.

They have been Kansas residents for over almost thirty years and their children have attended local public, Lutheran, and Catholic schools.

While on active duty Steve served in Vietnam, Germany, and Grenada. He rose from a private to Lieutenant Colonel with tours in the 82d Airborne Division and the Third, Fifth, and Tenth Special Forces Groups. After the Army Steve started his own business but closed it when the 9/11/01 attacks happened.

He went to work as a military analyst and trainer for Northrop Grumman supporting the Army. Two of the children joined the Army and are still serving on active duty and in the reserves.

Politics is an important part of Francie and Steve's life. They have been precinct captains and district and state party delegates as well as strong supporters of Republican candidates. Steve did not just run for the Kansas Senate, he helped other candidates, worked as a delegate to the state party, was elected treasurer of the state party, and served on the local school board as vice-president.

He co-founded and is co-chair of The Leadership Series, which has trained over one hundred men in community and political leadership. He has also been active in several church, civic, and veterans' organizations.

In the Senate, Steve serves on the prestigious Ways and Means Committee, which helps craft the state’s budget each year. He is chairman of two of that panel’s subcommittees: the Corrections and Juvenile Justice Subcommittee and the Judicial and Gaming Subcommittee.

He is also a member of the Senate Transportation Committee,the Education Committee, the Ethics, Elections and Local Government Committee and the Joint Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight. He is vice chairman of the Legislative and Elected Officials subcommittee of Ways and Means.



Kansas state Sen. Steve Fitzgerald of Leavenworth discusses the need for court reform in Kansas in this new video interview in the Capitol Rotunda in Topeka. (Video by Jim Sullinger Strategies LLC)

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Also, catch the senators recent "Movers and Shakers" video by the City of Lansing in which he discusses the budget and revenue challenges facing Kansas. Click on THIS LINK.

Additional Funds to KPERS Delayed

State spending continued at an unsustainable rate and projected revenues were falling short.

Consequently, the governor reduced the budget in order to avoid deficit spending. Those reductions included money earmarked for KPERS to improve its financial health. If the legislature allows this reduction, it means KPERS will continue to be underfunded. It will not mean a reduction in benefits and it will not mean that KPERS will be in any worse position than it has been for many years.

We must insure that KPERS is fully funded and as quickly as possible. KPERS is a contract and a commitment.

WOODLANDS. The racetrack was once a large part of the economy of Wyandotte County and the surrounding area, providing jobs for retail, agriculture, hospitality, and other sectors. Then, the gambling boats came to Missouri and revenue dropped. That was the reason Wyandotte voted overwhelmingly in favor of gaming: as a way to better compete with the boats. However, the law that allowed slot machines at the track also taxed them at a very high rate, resulting in the track’s closure.

I am working to change the law to allow the Woodlands a fair shot at a comeback.

LICENCE PLATES FOR USM. Current law does not include distinctive plates for the University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth. I am sponsoring a bill to change that.

POLICE LIABILITY. Kansas City area law enforcement agencies, including the sheriffs of both Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties, are asking for the law to clarify several issues when law enforcement officers perform duties in other jurisdictions.  A primary consideration is liability.

BED AND BREAKFAST. State law currently limits B&Bs to five bedrooms on the same property. I am sponsoring a bill to allow an adjoining property to be included.

DEFENSE OF FREEDOM.  Last year there was a phony firestorm over a bill that was misrepresented and maligned. Without that bill or a similar one, Kansans will be sued for unwillingness to support same sex marriage. In 2006, over 70% of Kansans approved a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman only.

Now, we have Kansas judges ordering clerks to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. This is a very serious breach with the people of Kansas and their state Constitution. Next, lawsuits will be filed (as they have in other states) punishing Kansans who refuse to participate in this mocking of the sacrament of marriage.

Constituents are encouraged to e-mail me at steve.fitzgerald@senate.ks.gov or call me at 785-296-7357. I want to hear from constituents on any subject.  If you are in Topeka, I am in room 135E. So, please stop by. Make an appointment with my secretary first.

To read more on each of the above topics, go to my Newsletter Page.

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